Tuesday, July 31, 2012

8th or 12th Grade Words?

The last few days I have been glued to my TV. I don't allow any talking or interruptions. I am not alone in this a number of my family members are doing the same thing...but who wouldn't when its the Olympics.

And I am not going to talk about the medals or competition or any scandals...I am of course going to talk about a funny conversation I had with my 9 (although she is already telling everyone 10) year old niece.

My niece likes to text me...often. She doesn't have her own phone yet so she often texts me from my mom or Health Nut Sisters' phone.

It all started while we were watching the men's gymnastic team qualifiers.

(This conversation took place on my mom's phone)

  • 9 Year Old Niece: Michael it is Baylei it is not good looking to have hairy arm pits when im old enough to have a boyfriend i will not date a hairy arm pit guy no no
  • Me: Baylei thats discrimination.
  •  9 Year Old Niece: I speak 4th grade not 8th grade what does that word mean
  • Me: The unjust prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things
  • 9 Year Old Niece: I told you I speak 4th grade you are speaking 12th grade grandma knows what is means but she can not explain it to me.
  • Me:  Okay lets try this....the way I used the word basically means you don't like someone because of how they look
  • 9 Year Old Niece: You could have said that before
Then last night while we were watching the Men's Team Gymnastic Finals.

(This time from her mom/Health Nut Sister's phone)

  • 9 Year Old Niece: Michael it is Bay are you watching the olympics
  •  Me: Yes I am...are you?
  • 9 Year Old Niece: Yes it was funny when they showed the guys performance in slow motion when he grabbed the bar his arms jiggled.
  • Me: LOL...yes they did. I thought of you when they showed the hairy arm pits.
  • 9 Year Old Niece:  Just because I said that they have hairy arm pits does not mean that I do not like them
  • Me: I know I was teasing you...I thought about how you told me I used 8th and 12th grade words.
  • 9 Year Old Niece: Well you did just saying
  • Me: Well I think you know more than just 4th grade words. You are really smart.
  • 9 Year Old Niece:  I know 3rd, 2nd, 1st and kindergarten
  • Me: I bet you know 5th 6th and 7th...you just dont know you know
  • 9 Year Old Niece:  I do not know
  • Me: Yes you do....you're smart 
  • 9 Year Old Niece: Okay whatever you say
  • Me: Dont patronize me
  • 9 Year Old Niece:  What does that word with the p at the front mean
  • Me: To treat with kindness but really feel superior
  • Me:  Thats the best definition I could think of that wasnt a 12th grade definition
  • 9 Year Old Niece: Sweet
  • 9 Year Old Niece: Good job
I have conversations like this all time with my niece. I am not sure if I am aiding her education or hindering it...I am not sure I care.

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  1. That is too cute. Conversations with little kids always turn out funny and cute.


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