Friday, July 27, 2012

A Day Like Any Other?

Before I begin this story I want you to know that every thing is okay. No one was harmed in the making of this story.

That's a dramatic start isn't it.

Yesterday started out like any other day. Nothing out of the ordinary...everything was right as rain despite not having any rain for weeks.

Then I received a test from my mom saying my nephew and niece were missing and that they had been missing for a few hours. At first I was very confused. How could they be missing? That just didn't make sense in my mind. As soon as I was able to I called my mom for clarification because she must be wrong they cant be missing.

But she was correct they were in fact missing...last known to be at the park.

I was just sitting in my car distraught and unsure of what do we do I waited. I text my brother and told him to let me know if you need me but still I sat in my car.

Eventually the kids were found unharmed and fine. They didn't even know they were missing, they went to a friends house without permission.

Before I know they were okay my mind went to that bad place.

That place were I store all the horrific things I see and hear because of the nature of my job.

I know how evil people can be to children.

I know in detail what happens to kids who are missing.

I make a big effort to store that stuff in a locked box in my mind.

I try to focus on the good and the people I help.

Its not always easy but you have to do that to stay sane.

And today I am very thankful that they were being normal kids and just went some where with out telling.

I know they probably got in some trouble but when I see them this weekend I am going to have a conversation about doing things that may cause Aunt Michael to get a wrinkle and how I that is never good.

Please hug the kids in your life today.


  1. This caused alot of silent panic on my part too. I was praying so hard and I could bearly call my kids and ask them to pray also . The amount of relief was as tence as the prayers for help as were the prayers of grtutude

  2. I'm glad everything is ok. Sadly I know that exact feeling. My nieces and nephews were missing for a while once because of custody issue. I was actualy the one to drive around and I found them and was able to pass on their local to the parent that was supposed to have custody. Everything is ok now with them too. But it is a really aweful feeling.

    1. Custody issues are scary...I am glad that they were ok.


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