Thursday, July 26, 2012

No Smoke No Fire

I have had a stomach bug for the last few days....I guess it is going around my little community. I am finally starting to feel better.

Based on my recent desire to have a baby, The BF has been convinced I am in fact pregnant. He thinks this every time I have a stomach ache. He may be a bit dramatic. Since I am feeling mostly better I am sure its the flu.

Out of curiosity I talked to my Health Nut Sister about when she was pregnant and when did she start experiencing morning sickness..her answer was from the moment the line turned blue.


I remember her being very sick with the 2nd baby (she lived in another state with the 1st baby). She was seriously sick (she was rather pathetic and inactive...she is never like that) and I remember my mom saying that when she was pregnant with me she was sick from day one to the last day...I think she like The BF is a bit dramatic but that's what she says.

After this recent illness I have been reconsidering this baby thing. I have a sensitive stomach. Not regarding food (I can eat whatever I want most the time) but very time I get stressed, anxious or annoyed I get an upset stomach.

Now I am imagining months and months of upset stomachs.

I know its different for every woman but I am pretty sure that this apple didn't fall far from the tree.


  1. Talk to Kim about this then talk to Natalie

  2. I dont have Kim or Natalie's numbers but I will message them.


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