Monday, July 23, 2012

The Girl with the Plan

The other day I did something out of character...okay maybe not so out of character but it was not part of my daily routine or something that I have ever done before and I have done some weird things.

On Friday as I was driving to work my favorite morning show had a local psychic. This is a regular segment and listeners get to call in and ask a question for the psychic to answer. I love this segment. I love to listen to the crazy weird questions people ask. I especially like the way the radio DJs make fun of the people and their dysfunctional behavior.

But this day for the first time ever I decided to call in and ask the psychic a question. 

I am not going to tell you what the question or answer was... that's a topic for a different day. 

But the point is that I have been stressing out about a situation so much that instead of doing what I normally do I decided to call a psychic and talk to her about my problem...on the radio!!!!

And the answer she gave filled me with a sense of calm and zen. 

I think the not knowing was making me crazy. I hate not knowing what will happen next. I am not sure why I am that way but the unknown makes me nervous and anxious. I am pretty sure I have been like that all my life. And although I adapt (fairly quickly) to change my first reaction is panic and outrage!!

I do enjoy adventure as long as it it a well planned and well thought out adventure. It may not sound like much of an adventure to you but that's how I like it.

I am girl with a plan...usually several plans. I have plans for my plans. I plan everything!!! I may not follow my own plans and the plan my change but I always have a plan.

So back to me calling a psychic and now having a sense of purpose about my life once again.

I really have no answers to why it made me feel better but it did. 

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