Friday, July 20, 2012

No....You Can Not Borrow The BF!!!!

Recently, two days ago, I posted on Facebook about The ExWife/Friend wanting to borrow The BF. She was hoping to get help with some chores this weekend. I received a lot comments on this appears that a number of my friends and family have strong feelings about exs helping exs.

The chores were simple ones: 1. She wondered if he would help load some stuff in his truck and take it to the local second hand store and 2. If we would sand and refinishing her jewelry box (he recently did that to a coffee table in our house and she thought it looked really good).

The first one is something that happens often when you have a truck, people ask you to help them move and haul stuff. This is not a big deal The BF has offered to help friends and doesn't mind helping when he can. The second thing recognizes his skill as a handyman.

Although I was being funny and silly when I posted it (I never take Facebook to seriously). The ExWife/Friend claims I vilified her on my status by leaving out the important detail that she was planning to pay him for his gas and time. And she may be right, I was having very strong feeling about him helping.

I had to to a little soul searching.

My conclusion is that I am a mean selfish bitch and sometimes a horrible horrible friend.

Yup because while I may have said I was being funny and silly; I was also mark my territory and thinking you didn't want him he is mine...the only chores/projects he is going to do are the ones I want you have no claim to his time.

This was not a casual thought I had that lasted for a few seconds...It occupied my mind for days.

And made me feel bad. She is my friend, if another friend asked him to help I would nag encourage him to help especially if it was show casing his handy dandy skills. So why did her request annoy me?

Because I seem to have some underlying insecurities when it comes to our bizarre relationship.

I never claimed it worked all the time....just 99.9% of the time.

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