Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Shallow Thankful Thursday

This morning as I was rushing around getting ready for work I had a dilemma. Its one that probably happens to more than one person today but it caused me to be very reflective on my drive to work.

It went something like this...

A friend of mine that happens to have abnormally small feet like I do cleaned out her closet and donated some of her hardly ever worn shoes to me....and when I mean some I mean about 20 pairs (her shoe obsession makes mine look like a part time hobby).

This morning as I was dressing in my subdued understate but still stylish outfit I couldn't decide which pair of my new fabulous shoes to wear. There were two that I wanted to was a fancy, night on the town pair that I thought would be fabulous with my understate work cloths, a little bit flash to liven up my outfit. The other pair were also wonderful but also understated like my outfit but 4 inches high.

So as I barreled through the canyon trying to decided on which pair I wanted to wear (most of the new shoes are confidently in the truck of my car...I am slowly "sneaking" them in to the house) I realized that this is a really shallow problem. Millions of people don't have shoes to wear or clothes and they rarely have enough food to eat. There homes are often destroyed by bombs and war and they live with daily hardships that I can never imagine.

After acknowledging that I decided that it was okay to be Thankful for my blessings even they very very very shallow ones.

So today's Thankful Thursday is all about the thinks we are thankful for but don't admit out loud.

  • My Closet (and trunk) full of Shoes: I have many many many pairs of shoes. I fell in love with shoes at a young age. I am not sure how young but I do know at some point instead of buying me one pair of new shoes for school, my mom wouldn't tell me my budget and let me figure out how many pairs I could get for that amount. There were years my budget didn't allow for a lot of shoes (college) and years that I bought ugly shoes (those high heel loafers wore in the early 90s with short skirts(thanks Ally McBeal), its like we were hooker librarians) but I always had a closet full of shoes.
  • Hair Product and Styling Tools: I have had a fascination with hair since at least the 7th grade when I decided that my hair need to be BIG..I mean really big. I had a whole routine (gel, mouse, hair spray, blow drying and curling iron) went into getting my hair that big and although I have cut all my hair short...I still uses a lot of product not to mention the love I have for my fancy expensive flat iron.
  • My Bed: When I first started dating The BF I mentioned that I didn't find his bed very comfortable...In fact I had his bed. Eventually he bought a new, I got to help pick it out. When I moved in I turned it into an oasis full of comfy pillows, expensive and incredialbly soft sheets, blankets that make you want to curl up and never leave.
These are a few of the shallow things I am thankful for...what are some of yours?


  1. Hi! I'm a new follower, found you via Cami at First Day of My Life.

    Love your layout. I look forward to checking out future posts.

  2. Hi pretty :)

    Sorry it took me so long to visit...hope you've been having a beautiful weekend :) Thanks for joining in on First Day of My Life's Thankful Thursday <3

    What is such a cute's the small things that matter the most a lot of the time. (I think!!)

    Could you imagine what our hair would look like without hair products? I know I would look like a crazy lady without any!

    Woohoo for shoes and comfy beds :)



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