Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Am Still the Same Girl

Not so long ago I wrote a guest post for my wonderful friend Eve over at Beautiful Spitup*. In that post I discussed how I have changed since moving in with The BF...and it appears that I am not the only person who has noticed the changes.

My mom thinks I have become a Stepford wife and recently shouted (not in an angry way) at The BF..."Where is my daughter and what have you done to her?"

I am not sure where this sentiment comes from...but it all started when my mom and I were making a shopping list and we were taking about freezer meals and cooking in the crock pot. (I am a huge fan of the crock pot....I am a good cook but lazy). I told my mom how I had spent a couple hours one Sunday chopping chopping chopping vegetables and putting ingredients in freezer bags so that on a morning I am in a hurry I just grab the bag dump everything in it in the crockpot and cook it on low until I get home. She was shocked that I was that organized and would plan ahead.

A couple weeks later we had been discussing our garden and possibly canning some of the vegetables, mostly tomatoes, from it. I have never preserved food before and didn't know what it all entailed. It was at this point my mother turned looked at The BF and asked what have you done to my daughter. Okay maybe if I was her I would be shocked also....after all I am the daughter that didn't acknowledge my food came from anywhere but the grocery store and the restaurant. I know where it comes from I live in a small community but why get my hands dirty when I just had to go buy it.

I don't know what is happening but it is entirely possible that I have some recessive maternal/domestic instincts. I suspect they came from all my pioneer ancestors but until now I was able to suppress those tendencies.

There are a few other things that I have noticed wanting to take a family portrait!!! In the past when I did this it was a joke and I was being a smarty pants (me, the dog Tashi and the fish Thomas...yes the fish) but now I am thinking wouldn't it be nice to have me The BF and the “pseudo” step-kids do a family portrait...something fun and off the wall.

Then there is the summer activities I want to do like go to the zoo....I am not a big fan of the zoo and only go when someone (Health Nut sister) wants me to go to help with the kids. But now I am hell bend on taking the kids to the zoo where we will have a fun family time and I don't want to hear any complaints...we are a family and will pretend to like each other.

I am going to have to start agreeing with my mom (SSSSHHHHH don't tell her I agree with her) I have become a Stepford Wife.

*Since you are heading over to read my guest post please be sure to poke around and check out Eve's awesome blog.


  1. Awe thanks for the shoutout, babe! I love that pic of you too, great shot. I'm finding that as I get older I too feel more domestic. What can we do to stop this? Ha!

    1. I am not sure how to stop it....I have decided we should embrace it but put our own fabulous trendy spin on it. I am not sure what that is but thats what we should


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