Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rocky Mountain High or Allergy Pills?

Over the weekend a friend invited The BF and I to spend some time at her mountain cabin with her and her husband. Not being a huge outdoor person but knowing that The Bf is I accepted. (I also know this friend very well and know that while the cabin is a work in progress it has such amenities as electricity, flushing toilets and heat...so we were really roughing it.)

Can I just tell you that it was beautiful at the location. Lush green mountains full of wild life that came to you. And it was so quite with no distractions from cell phones. I was so relaxed and sleep like I haven't slept in years. It was amazing....The BF and I are talking of saving our pennies so that we can also one day in the future have a peaceful retreat.

Everything was perfect and I was enjoying the Great Outdoors except for one little tiny detail. My allergies were in overdrive. After being there for only a few hours my eyes were itchy my nose was stuffy and runny (how is that even possible) and I had a lot of constriction in my lungs....hello asthma.

For once I was unprepared for allergy issues...I have been doing a lot of preventative stuff (netti pot and essential oils) so I didnt have to take allergy pills anymore. I hate taking them, they make me all loopy and the world doesn't need me more loopy.

Luckily my friend has allergies and she had an antihistamine...which has let me to wonder was I really that relaxed because I was in a peaceful place or because I was enjoying my allergy pills?

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