Friday, July 13, 2012

Is it Your Lucky Day????

Today is my lucky day...yup that's right Friday the 13th is my lucky day.

Seriously, how could I not love this day?

  1. Its Friday and that's the end of my work week so that completely rocks.
  2. 13 is my lucky number.
  3. Its a day full of superstition and mystery.
  4. What better day to stay home and watch horror movies then the day that has a whole franchise of horror movies named after it.
I am not the only in my family that likes the number dad and youngest brother also like the number. Although I am not sure we like it for the same reason.

My home town*
My dad and brother like it because its the exit to the small town where they live, its a town pride thing. My brother was born and raised there. In fact the only sibling I have that wasn't born there is my baby sister (yes that includes me). My mom was born there, my grandparents, I think even some great-grandparents were born there or at least in the general area. I have had family in the valley since it was a bunch of pioneers in covered wagons settling there. 

But that's not why I like 13. I like it because its a kick ass number. Its a prime number and I find them to be so soothing. 13 is such a strong and soft number at the same time. First you have the number 1, it is such a strong stand alone number. Its straight and commanding. Then you have the number 3 all soft and curvy and unassuming. When you have them together side by side they are a powerhouse

Its entirely possible I have put way to much thought into the number 13. I put a lot of thought into things that do not matter at all. Like the letter M which I love but the letter W annoys me.

Some days I make it easy for the future team of people who will be taking me off to that padded room.

*Thanks to my dad who after I called and told him I needed this picture for my blog...went out of his way and took the picture.


  1. You have done it again. I can never read your blog without laughing. I'd love to hear the logic behind you love of M and your dislike of W. I'm sure it's just as sound and well thought out as your musings on 13. :-)

    1. I like the letter M because my name starts with an M and its a strong letter....but W is an upside down M. I hate when I am all topsy turvy.


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