Monday, August 27, 2012

Do Blondes Have More Fun?

Recently the "pseudo" step-daughter drew a picture of me.

At the time that she handed it to me I was right in the middle of cooking dinner, so I briefly glanced at it told her I loved it and thank you. But the picture got put away and forgotten about until I was cleaning off some junk that had collected and I found the picture.

Its me*
Despite some obvious my ears really stick out like that? And not ever owning a dress like the one I am wearing in the picture (I have been informed by the "pseudo" step-daughter its a "princess" dress so I may need to get one).

My biggest concern is that she drew me with brown hair and orange skin!!!

I know you are thinking REALLY thats what you are freaking out about. And yes REALLY!!

In the big scheme of life its not a big deal but orange skin is very concerning don't you think?

But most shocking to me was the brunette hair she drew on my head. Then I realized that my hair has been slowly getting darker and darker. I am not sure why I made this change, I had been a blonde for years but one day I decided to change.

I am would like to say that the change in color is related to a more mature attitude (not wanting to change my appearance, closer to my natural color, blah blah blah) but honestly I think it is because one day I got bored.

Please don't think of this as a commentary on blondes or usually this is all about me.

*Did you notice the great big ring she drew on my finger? I did and I made sure to point it out to The BF...hint hint from your daughter.


  1. Well fear not blondes definalty don't have more fun :-)

    1. Thanks good because I have decided the dark hair makes me look younger!!

  2. Girl, I was thinking she drew Snooki! Lol
    It's always fun to see how kids view the world through their eyes.


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