Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Rose Colored Glasses are Askew.

Once upon a time their was a Girl Named Michael that was very negative. She was angry and unhappy.

Then one day she decide to stop hating the world and started loving it. And loving it she did. She became a positive person who strived to find the good in everything. She looked for the good so much that she ignored anything bad or negative...walking around with rose colored glasses firmly in place.

Slowly she began to look around and realized the world is not all good, it had a lot of bad but was full of potential. In fact she came to believe it had a lot of potential. She routinely volunteered to help the world reach its potential...walking around with glasses but not so rose colored.

But something has happened to the girl recently she has become jaded by the world. It happened slowly and the girl didn't even know when it started until recently when she was walking through the grocery store and a young man asked to use her phone for a minute. The girl was taken one is allowed to touch her phone especially not a stranger. But beyond that she was uncomfortable allowing such an acting of kindness. She couldn't get it out of her head that the young man was about to scam her some way. Not that he would steal her phone but would commit some act of fraud that would hurt her in some way.

As the girl reflected on this she was sad that she had changed.

Then she realized that she has changed but not necessarily in a bad way...the unbearable heat is making her cranky. She sees the world for what it is but often looking for the silver lining or positive...and that is not bad at all.

Besides no one touches her phone.


  1. Yeah, the world is not always a plesant place. Hence the need to Chase Joy. For the record I don't think I'd have let him use my phone either.


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