Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Rock Band in my Head.

Since Thursday last week I have had a pounding in my head.

Its a never ceasing always constant boom boom.

Some times its loud and sometimes a mild throbbing.

But this headache never seems to end...its been the most reliable thing in my very boring life.

It has wrapped itself around my brain like a very bad stalker.

It reached an apex on Monday when it hurt so bad that I couldn't even wear my glasses.

I normally don't suffer from headaches. When I do they are because 1. I need caffeine, 2. I am dehydrated, 3. I am congested.

This was not the case this time. I had no idea what was wrong with me until today.

Today as I am sitting at the office listening to some rock music (the office is empty except for me) I noticed that the bump bump noise I heard in my head was very similar to my preferred musical preference.

Its very odd to same the least.

Especially since it has receded to a dull bump bump...it has let the radio take over keeping the beat.

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