Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Perpetual Sadness

There is a sadness about you today.

Someone said that to me yesterday.

There is a sadness about you today.

They were right.

I have a sadness to me that has been with me all day.

Its the sadness that cuts you apart and shakes you to the core.

I had tried to go about my day like nothing is wrong but apparently I failed.

But my sadness is not my tale to tell.

Its not even about me.

My niece wearing my shoes
I am going to try and move my focus.

I am going to focus on my youngest niece.

My youngest niece and I have a very special bond. The kind of bond that Aunts dream of having with their nieces or nephews. From the moment she came screaming into my life we have been close. I love all my nieces and nephews and have a special bond with them all but I have a very special bond with the youngest.

My Health Nut Sister send me this text on Saturday about her youngest daughter.

  • I told Ashton that Baby Sister was here and she said ok. not very excited then she said Baby Sister can be sissy's (meaning her older sister) Aunt because Michael is my Aunt and I like her better...lol..thought that would make u feel good.
How could that not lighten my heart? I have focused on that thought a lot that last few days.

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