Thursday, September 13, 2012

It Must be Fall

I think I am getting a sinus infection.

I know you are excited to hear this and you are thinking I hope she doesn't talk about her sinus infection today.

Well I am going to talk about it...kind of sorta.

Recently I have decided that I am going to cut back on the "pills" I take. I want to find more natural remedies for colds and sinus infections. I am still going to go to the Dr when I am really sick but no more running to the cold aisle every time I get a stuffy nose.

So the other day I made this: 

I am not sure what it is called. Its a honey, lemon and ginger infusion.

I have often heard of the healing properties of honey, lemon and ginger but never knew how to use them to help me. Thanks to Pinterest I have figured it out...I think.

You only need three ingredients raw honey, lemons and ginger.

  1. Cut up your lemons (I used three) and add to glass jar.
  2. Grate or chop ginger (about an inch) and add to jar.
  3. Add honey to cover lemons. 
That's it.

Eventually it turns to a marmalade consistency and then you dump a spoon full into a cup of hot water, then sit back and enjoy your tea.

Mine is not there yet but last night I started to feel run down and yucky and I decided to try it. It didn't immediately cure my sinus infection but I haven't run to the pharmacy to get over the counter cold medicine either.

What are some of your favorite homeopathic cold remedies?

Here is the original post I found on Pinterest


  1. When I start to get a cold, I swallow a clove of garlic. Smaller cloves are easier. You could just add extra garlic to whatever you were cooking, though, if that sounds like too much.

  2. Lemon Honey Ginger tea is my absolute favorite thing to drink when I have a cold. Whenever I feel even the slightest bit of a cold coming on, I start drinking that tea, multiple times a day, and I always feel better 24 hours later. It also helps that it is really yummy and feels so good when you have a sore throat.


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