Monday, September 10, 2012

I'm to Old for this Sh**

Remember those days when you would go out partying and wake up with only a vague memory of what happened.

You wake up half dressed, make up smeared all over your face, your hair is stuck to you face and your body hurts in a way that can only be explained by falling out of a two story window. 

I had a morning like that this weekend.

In my younger days I would awesome I had a seriously good night.

In those days I would call friends and ask "What did we do last night?"

But those days are long gone. Now if I wake up like that its because I spent 5.5 hours at the local amusement park with The BF and 'pseudo" step-kids trying to relive my youth. 

The Kids before the ride starts.
Once upon a time I loved roller coasters and rides that went high in the air and flipped you upside down and made your stomach go topsy turvy.

But now after an evening of fun I feel like I have been hit by a mac truck. I then spend the next day trying to recover from my "fun hangover".

When did I get to old for the amusement park? 

I know I just had a birthday but 37 is still young isn't it?


  1. 37 is definatley not old. You body has simply outgrown the silliness of amusement parks.

  2. I went on the zipper at the county fair last week. I couldn't bend my back for two days after.


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