Thursday, September 6, 2012

These Boots are Made for Walking

Aunt Michael impression

Have I mentioned that I have 3 adorable nieces?

I know that I have on several occasions.

One of my nieces has a bit of a shoe obsession...not sure where she gets it but my sister claims that its all my fault.

My sister is probably right.

So it makes perfect sense to me that after I bought some new shoes I would text my niece. After all she would appreciate it the most and I wanted to show them off/brag about them.

  • Me: Check out my birthday shoes.
  • Niece: Im going to steal your boots
  • Me: Good luck with that....they are a size six
  • Niece: I can still wear them
  • Me: You have to be able to get them off my feet and thats not going to happen baby girl
  • Niece: yes it is
  • Me: You are sooooo cute but those are my boots
  • Niece: No they are going to be mine
  • Me: Baby girl you are not mean enough to take my boots off my feet
  • Niece: gyfhd bcyfhhfjojhggi jfjjd jfhhhfih (this is her version of swearing)
  • Me: Im just trying on my new boots
  • Niece: Buttface
  • Me: Buttface? Really you should be nicer to me or ill give your bday present to someone else
  • Niece: what no.
This morning I got up early just so I could catch her before school to show off/brag about my new boots that I am wearing today.

Imagine my disappointment when I missed her.

Serious I got up an hour early just to show off my new boots to my 10 year old niece.

My Health Nut Sister has said on more than one occasion her children, especially the older one, is more like me than her.

I have often said I fear having children in case they turn out more like my sister then me.

After all I am awesome, cool and according to my niece the only one with style in our family besides her of course.

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