Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Am I a Peeping Tom?

Is it just me or to you also like looking into peoples windows?  I am not talking about sneaking up and spying on people. Its more along the lines of a drive by peep. You know you are the passenger in a car and as the person drives you look at the house and if the people are lucky enough to have the blinds open you look in to see what they are doing or how they decorated the room...Its just a fast 5 second look.

Don't worry this is my house.
Often based on that look I make up stories for the people living in the house. I construct short narratives about what they are doing and and make up dialog for pretend conversations.

Sometimes they have happy peaceful lives and sometime their lives are full of tragedy, I think the stories I make up depend on my mood that day. Houses I drive by often (not because I am stalking but because they live on a often traveled road) have very elaborate stories that are on going and complicated. The cast of characters rival that of Anna Karenina, moving in and out of the story some staying for awhile and others disappearing never to be heard of again.

I can't decided if this is weird or not.  It probably is weird. Most things I do are a little weird. I wonder if I should write these stories down. Maybe I will become a famous writer because of the stories...then I think that is a lot of work. I don't want to write them down its more fun to constantly rewrite them in my head. I feel like that I would never be satisfied with the stories on paper

Now that I have shared all that I realize its a little weird and I am sure someone will be reporting me to the authorities any day now.

Please tell me you do something like this also....or something equally weird.


  1. LOL! I live right off a busy road and my living room windows face the street, so I can definitely tell you that you are not alone in this. After a number of people staring in the window at me as I was sitting in my PJs drinking coffee, I started keeping the curtains shut in that room, LOL!

    1. This is why I obsessively keep my blinds closed.


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