Monday, February 25, 2013

Don't Bother Me I Am Watching TV

Last week I did something shocking...okay not shocking so much but I think I am regretting this discussion.  I upgraded our cable. It may not seem like that big of a deal but apparently in my house its a life changer. I know this because I haven't read a book or written anything since I did it. And its not just me more than ever the "pseudo" step-kids can not be pulled away from the boob tube. The only one that hasn't really changed is The BF.

Its not like this is the first time I have had a lot of cable channels but for some reason I have zoned out the world and am obsessed with watching every show that I have not seen. Seriously I watched 5 episodes of Duck Dynasty. Have you seen this show? I am not sure why I kept watching but I did.

I am not all that shocked by my actions, after all I am a product of my generation and grew up watching TV (yes I am it blaming all on being a so called Gen Xer). And I don't mean just watching prime time TV with the family...we always had the TV on at my house. We watched in the morning before school, after school, at dinner time and all the way up until bed time.

When I moved out there were times when I would have TV and times when I wouldn't. Some times I would be so disgusted with the shows that were on I would boycott and not watch TV for weeks or months at a time. Other times I would be constantly watching. But during those time I was always writing and always reading.

Often you would find me in a room reading and the TV would be on in a different room. I like the background noise....I find it oddly comforting. Its probably that always having it on growing up (again blaming it on my environment, my mom would be so annoyed with me).

I have decided to enforce a new policy at home we will have now one hour of no electronics. I am positive this will be received with open arms by everyone in the family.

Do you have rules in your family about TV viewing?


  1. We only apply rules to our We on the other hand do what we please. I haven't talked to my husband in months. I'm too busy on the computer and letting the TV watch me Andrea @ visiting from SITS.


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