Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Person She Use To Be

Once upon a time there was a Girl that was very adventurous. She was up to most any activity; Bungee Court Jumping (do people still do that)....why not. Weekend road trip to Mexico...heck ya.

The Girl loved trying new things. She experiment with food, picked up and moved to a new city with no job, and in general was secretly thrilled by the unknown.

But the Girl started to wonder is she really the go-getter she thought..after all she had not had any great adventurous in years and her life had become very "average".

She knew that in part her thrill seeking past was because she was looking for her the next big thing to fill a need in her. The need that was constantly looking for greener grass and the next big thing. She was never fully satisfied and that why she did some of the dare devil things that she did.

She knew that finally finding her way and her place stopped the need inside of her that was constantly searching. The Girl was happy...she loved her life and enjoyed it but she wondered was she ever going to have another adventure tale to tell. Her motives for adventure were different, before she was searching now she wanted to share that part of her with another.

But was it to late to start being the person she use to be? Had she grown so conformable in her knee high boots that there was no room for the unknown? Could she find that adventurous spirit she use to have?

The Girl didn't not know the answers to these questions but was determined to find out.

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