Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I Will Blog About Anything but I Will Not Blog About That.

Recently I have had a severe case of writers block. Just out of the blue I am blank. My life is as exciting and weird as always but when I go to write about my adventures the words will not flow. In fact I rewrote that sentence 4 times before I was satisfied and to be honest I still don't like it.

A friend suggested I should write about something outside my comfort zone. I was immediately stumped what is outside my comfort zone. I am okay sharing most anything that happens and he suggested I talk about my political views.

After briefly considering the idea I thought OH HELL NO!!!!

Not that I am scared to discuss my views. Come have coffee with me and I will be more than happy to have a conversation with you but when you blog or write about them on the internet people think it is acceptable to "comment and run". Most often the comments are not constructive but mean and hatefully and do not further the conversation.

This does not encourage an exchange of ideas or understanding. Whatever happened to people listening and seeing the others persons point of view. Just because you understand their point and why they belief something doesn't mean you have to agree with them or change your view points. It will help you have a better view of the world.

But we often don't do this and I am as guilty as everyone else. Often if I am passionate about something I forget to talk to people (which shockingly involves listening) and tend to get all fired up and demanding my view points are correct. I forget that my political beliefs like my religious ones are based on my experience and not everyone has had the same experiences as me.

Because of that I will not talk about my political beliefs on my blog I like it being a happy place where people don't call me names or ridicule me. Of course you may do those things but you don't share with me and I am okay with that.

Is there something you wont blog about?


  1. I don't write about things that I know will hurt my familly or friends. I don't write about politics because my day job working for the gov does not allow it. #Don'twantnotrouble

    1. I don't want trouble either...but I tell my family and friends all is fair in love and blogging. lol

  2. OK, first - I think we are kindred spirits... my first name is Mikel - pronounced "Michael."

    Second, yes, I wont talk about anything having to do with politics, religion, or any of the typical "mommy war" crap that stirs up the blogosphere. I happily stay in my bubble talking about happy things... no room in my life for negativity :)

    1. First of all I love your name. My mother said her one regret was not giving me a unique spelling for my unique name. I am always love "meeting girls named michael no matter the spelling

      Second I agree about the negativity I have to much going on to deal with other peoples issues.

  3. Oh, there are just so many things. I think my reasons are the same. I don't really need another place in my life to be a hornet's nest of other people's opinions and I don't want something that I send out into cyberland coming back to nip a family member (especially a son or daughter) in the bud. So, mums the word.


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