Tuesday, June 18, 2013

39 Dresses and I Hated Them All

The other day The BF, the "pseudo" step-kids and I went shopping. I normally would not go shopping with the family, I am not into self torture but the cards all just lined up in such a way that we all went shopping. We have several weddings coming up this summer and everyone needed new clothes...okay I probably didn't but I felt I deserved a new dress. 

First up "pseudo" step-daughter; A very cute blue and purple summer dress. That she absolutely loves and we found it at the first store we went to, within moments of walking into the kids section, talk about a score. Now on to shoes...she recently had a growth spurt so none of her shoes fit except an ugly pair of flip flops that she loves. However there were no affordable and cute shoes in her sizes anywhere in town. I am not kidding about this. She has huge feet and everything either has a heel (she is 7) or cost $25 for plastic sandals. I am not sure what we are going to do but I am open to giving her a pedicure and letting her go barefoot.

Next up The BF. All he needed was a new shirt. All of his dress shirts are long sleeved and heavy and I know he will be very uncomfortable in the hot sun. But I lucked out and found him a green short sleeved button down linen shirt (casual but nice). The person I thought would be the hardest turned out to be the easiest because we found it at the same store as "pseudo" step-daughter dress and it was on sale.

"Pseudo" step-son was not as easy. I wanted to get the same shirt we got for Colby but a different color unfortunately they didn't have any in his sizes. He is in that, men's sizes are a little to big and boys sizes are a little to small, size. He is kind of hard to shop for...I also want him to be comfortable and embrace his own style which is some interesting mix of skater guy, jock and rock star. So we went to another store and I walked through the men's section twice and the boys section once when I found what was the only small mans shirt in the whole store. A light weight button down shirt that he said he didn't hate and would wear without compliant (he is a good sport). "Pseudo" step-son also needed new shoes but unlike his sister his feet are not abnormally large. He found a pair he liked on sale but has stated he wont wear them often.

My new favorite dress

Then my turn, while shopping for everyone else I was trying on dresses...lots and lots of dresses but I hated everything. They were to long or where unflattering or to much dress for summer wedding season. After 4 stores I finally sent the family away and went into what I know is an expensive store but they were having a sale so I hoped I could find something. Here I tried on several more dresses, I found 2 that would work one I liked and one I LOVED. Even standing in the dressing room surrounded by mirrors and slightly unflattering light, the dressed work. After falling in love with the dress I noticed the price tag....ouch!!! It was the most expensive thing I had tried on all day.

Whats a girl to do? Justify the hell out of spending the money and get the dress that you loved and was slimming, of course. I then decided I needed new shoes also but luckily I found a pair on sale. 

Now I just need to decide how to accessories it.

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