Sunday, August 25, 2013

Here is Some Ice Cream, Please Date My Ex-Husband

A few weeks ago The BF and I got into a disagreement. Okay not just a disagreement we had a fight. It happens to all couples, even the most healthy (I am not claiming that we are the picture of healthy functioning relationships but we try), and this is not the first time we have had a fight difference of opinion. In the after math of the deep discussion between The BF and I, The Ex-Wife/Friend offered me ice cream to not break up with him.

While I was not planning to brake up with him  I may or not have been fuming mad exasperated (and possibly slightly irrational but I am only claiming to be at fault for 50% of the confrontation debate) and I may or may not have made the comment, "If I was going to brake up with him it would be today."

It all started over something very silly and slightly stupid. And it is possible that The BF was being stubborn and I was lashing out due to not being in control of the situation but I don't want to lay the blame on anyone one person...we can both be idiots.

In my justified/unjustified rage annoyance (depending on who you talk to), I called the only person I really know in town The Ex-Wife/Friend. I asked her to come get me (my car was temporarily out of commission) I told her I needed to go to the store but I really wanted the one thing that will calm my cream. The Ex-Wife/Friend took me to a local place where she bought me a giant ice cream cone and we sat and talked about nothing and everything.

She then kindly took me to the store to do the things I needed to do.

On the way back I may have still been feeling animosity displeasure towards The BF (it was a bad week, don't judge) and that was when I made the comment, "If I was going to brake up with him it would be today." (I was venting)

And this is when The Ex-Wife/Friend said the funniest thing to me, "You cant brake up with him I bought you ice cream."

People say the weirdest things to me but she had a really good point, she did buy me ice cream.

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