Friday, October 25, 2013

3 Very Random Questions

Earlier this week I watched a TV show were 3 questions were asked of people (yes that's correct today's post is inspired by The Walking Dead). I decided to pose 3 questions to random friends/family. Some of the answers were informative and some were surprising. Mostly I was shocked how many people wanted to answer the questions.

Here are the questions:
  1. If you were prime ruler of the world what laws would you make?
  2. If you were a super hero what powers would you have?
  3. Can you solve a rubix cube?
Morgan from Playing with Words: 
  1. I'd make a law against GMOs, equality for all, no one could regulate a woman's body, preservation of earth's resources, no war and make leaders sit in a room to work it out, make all cars hybrid, and education for all children that'd focus on helping them discover & develop their talents and abilities.somehow fix the banking system and that's it I think. Oh & make it easier to adopt children so all children have a family.
  2. Powers like the sisters on Charmed to help save innocents.
  3. Nope, the rubix cube is a recipe for crazy making for me.
Lindsey from Dishwater Dreams:
  1. I would legalize gay marriage. I would prohibit discrimination of any kind for any reason. I would take all funding given to prisons and give it to school and all funding for schools would have to work for running the prisons. Basically, I would work for equality and education.
  2. Teleportation, the ability to control the weather (without global repercussions of course) and mind reading (selectively)
  3. I can, but not gracefully.
Health Nut Sister from My Family
  1. Change the stand your ground law.
  2. Super Strength and the ability to run fast.
  3. No!!!
  1. Mandatory daily siestas (naps). 
  2. I would fly and have the ability to disappear.
  3. Nope, but I've seen it done in seconds! Seriously!
Mike from The Blog of Thog
  1. I would make it possible for the police to issue fixed penalty tickets to people who were rude.  Did you push in front of someone in a queue?  That'll be £30! (Dollars are also acceptable)
  2. I'd definitely be some kind of super genius.  Or a billionaire.  Or both.  Okay - I want to be Iron Man.  That's what I want to be.  I want to fly and zap stuff and be cool and have a goatee.
  3. Only by removing the stickers and putting them in the right places!
  1. I probably would not pass a law unless it was figured out how to make government officials more accountable for their (legal and illegal) actions, and to increase the enforcement of current laws by an HONEST police force. Ooh ooh harsher punishments for rapists and child molesters - make them infertile because those people cannot be "reformed" and they don't deserve normal lives. Human rights be damned. Oh and to become a parent you have to have mandatory parenting course that lasts the entire time you are pregnant to help you learn to take care of the child, what your rights are as a parent and ethics. Once a week for nine months may be enough methinks. Institute the siesta system for three hours every week day so that you can go home and spend time with your family. Vote for meeeee!!!
  2. Time travel so that I could go back and forth in time and help people realize what is truly important in their lives and help them prevent regrets. Ans the knowledge to know when that is appropriate/good to do.
  3. Honestly? No - I've been able to get one side though!!!!! (Several times)
Baby Sister from My Family
  1. I would abolish marriage as an institution (government has no business bein' all up in my love life, thankyouverymuch), and instead establish civil liberties for all, regardless of gender and sexual orientation. I would give all women and men rights to decide what to do with their reproductive system, and in turn I would also give all men and women 52 weeks of paid paternity/maternity leave. I would make the education system worldwide resemble Norway/Sweden/Denmark (free education, yo!). I would give all children a proper sex and financial education. I would ban all advertising. I would make solar and wind power a necessity. And finally, as a just and supreme ruler, I would abolish my own power, and instead give power back to the original countries that agree to abide by my new laws (Dictatorship is a bitch, dude). 
  2. Flying
  3. No
Arlette from Chasing Joy
  1. If I ruled the world my first law would be to outlaw skinny jeans on men. I don't need to see all that!
  2. If I was a super hero I would have the power of flight so I can go anywhere without being on a plan. I would also be able to remove the calories from any food just by looking at it.
  3. Nope I have never been able to solve a rubix cube.
  1. 1. People will be expected to wave and/or smile at people as they pass 2. Collaboration and Cooperation is expected. 3. Teach a trade to those who find themselves in negative situations. Partner those people with successful people who will help them find a way. 4. A moment of silence for meditation, prayer, intention setting or sharing physical affection will be recognized daily at Noon, in every time zone. Stop, Drop and BEEEE. 5. All citizens will be able (and encouraged) to take Laughter Yoga or Improvisation or Intuitive Painting classes. 6. Conscious discussions will take place of bickering. 7. Share love as much as each person is able.
  2. SUPERHERO power - The power to heal, forgive and remember consciously AND to teach others the same. 
  3. RUBIXCUBE? Did I even spell it right? Heck NO!!! 

How would you answer the questions? Better yet what questions would you ask?

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