Thursday, October 24, 2013

8 Fridays Left

Did you know that their are only 8 Fridays left until Christmas....Seriously 8 freaking Fridays.

I am having a panic attack.

Usually by this time I have most of my gifts bought, if I don't have them bought I at least always have a plan and a list. Yes I am that person don't judge!!!

Its just that I like to enjoy the holidays and I find it hard to do if I am worrying about my shopping list.

This year I don't even have a list...I have no plan...its going to be a free for all.

Maybe I will just buy myself gifts and forget everyone else.

I am seriously panicking over this....I need to take a deep breath.

I need a list. We follow the 4 gifts rule.

Something they need.
Something they want.
Something they wear.
Something to read.

The kids are easy but The BF is impossible to shop for, I never know what to get him. I wonder if he needs a new hat!!!!

I'm feeling calmer but I need to go make a list. And start planning an office party.

Are you a Holiday gift planner or last minute shopper?

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