Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dear Frustrated at Home

Dear Advice Columnist,

Sometimes I wish I was still single, like last night. It was not a good night for my family. Teenagers were angry, tempers soared, words were spoken in frustration. It is not always like this we are not a well oiled machine but we have a nightly routine that works very well and last night it all fell apart in glorious fashion and I thought to myself, "this kind of thing never happened when I was single". Everything that could go wrong did go wrong...including the dog eating our dinner. I don't know what to do my family is making me crazy and I am thinking of running away.

Frustrated at Home

Dear Frustrated at Home,

Take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Family life is not always easy. There will always be times when things go wrong but try and remember the times when everything goes absolutely right. Running away wont make it better. Family life can be hard but also very rewarding....and in 6 months you will look back on last night and laugh about the dog eating dinner because lets face it that is pretty damn funny.

Advice Columnist

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