Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I Am To Funny

Last night my Mom send me this text message.

  • Mom: You are mean. Just thinking about that that night makes me sick. And you have to tell the world.
At first I had no idea what she was talking about, it was a really random text. Usually when she sends me random texts I immediately know what she is talking about but this time she had me stubbed.

Then I realized she must have read my blog post from yesterday.

  • Me: It was funny
  • Mom: No it wasn't
  • Me: The next day was funny...when I showed up.
This lead to a brief conversation that involved Health Nut Sister about whither I am funny or not. Which I am. I am freaking hilarious if I do say so myself. And I would like to say seeing a 4 year old (although I think she may have actually been 3) unman two grown women is actually very funny. And its even funnier knowing that at least one of them still gets sick when thinking about that night. ( I can't help it if she doesn't know its funny)

The whole conversation brought up an interesting topic, when you have a blog like this (which is basically me just rambling) what events and topics are off limit? Is anything off limits?

I don't know about you but all is fair in love and blogging.

Personally I won't blog about things that are very personal. That's not true...I do talk about personal stuff all the time. I guess I don't talk about other peoples personal stories, unless there stories involve me and are not hurtful. Unless the hurt is physical pain like the month when I broke my wrist , my niece broke hers and then Health Nut Sister messed up her wrist. That was also funny.

Then we are back to all is fair in love and blogging.

Or is it war and blogging?

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