Wednesday, October 9, 2013

And Me with a Shovel in My Hand and Not My Camera

Its common knowledge among my family and friends that all is fair in love and blogging. Which means that I will blogging about most anything that happens and if I took a picture expect it to appear on my blog eventually. I know that this is true for a lot of bloggers.

And like a lot of bloggers I am sure something has happened and when it was all over you thought I need to blog about this and then your next thought was I didn't get a single picture.

Well that happened to me this weekend, I didn't something that I never ever ever thought I would do and I didn't get one picture of it. To be honest I was busy and my hands were full but I was disappointed none the less.

I could tell you about it but you won't believe are going to ask where is your proof. All I have is the testimony of The BF and the "pseudo" step-kids. And they can't be trusted. They would just repeat what I tell them to say. That cracks me up because they really wouldn't....they would intend to say what I want them to but the truth would come out.

Now you will never know what shocking and very country girl thing I did over the weekend. And believe me when I tell you, you would be shocked....seriously shocked.

I may be a small town girl but until recently I have had a definite big city attitude.

I really wish I had pictures. Oh well...maybe next time.


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