Tuesday, October 1, 2013

But It Is Just So Pretty

For the last few years we (by we I mean The BF has done all the work) have slowly been expanding our vegetable garden. Unfortunately, I think we have reached the limit of space we have available. We have a very small back yard and while I am for taking out all the grass and turning the entire space into a garden my dogs would be less then pleased.

With three large dogs we need a place for them. It would not be fair, plus I don't want to have to put them on a leash in the front yard on a cold winter day. I am lazy and would rather open the back door and let them roam.

But I would still like more gardening space. What is a girl to do? I do have one little space left but I am reluctant to turn it into a vegetable garden. I keep thinking it would be a nice place for peppers but I just can not do it.

They are starting to die but still looking good.
Its my flower garden in the front yard. You may be thinking its already a garden you should just plant some carrots there. You are probably right but the flowers make so so happy.

Seriously they do.

When I drive up to my house and see how beautiful they look I actually smile. No matter what kind of day I have had I am instantly happy. I will drive by house slowly just so I can look at them. They are bright and colorful. And even though some naughty neighbor kid keeps picking the blooms and throwing them on my lawn they still look lush and full. 

Is this wrong? 

I don't care if it is wrong, they make my house look very nice and welcoming. I have the best looking house in our horseshoe neighborhood...at least I think we have the nicest house. 

I am being prideful and I cant decide it that is good or bad. 

So I guess I need to ask myself will I go for something useful or stay with pretty.

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