Wednesday, October 2, 2013

You Say Good-bye and I say Hello

Good-bye flip flops. You have been amazing but the time has come to say good-bye.

Its not you its me.

It really is you but isn't that what you say in these situations.

You see my toes are getting cold and you cant keep them warm. Plus I hate wet feet and its been raining for days. I saw snow on the mountains, which means that any day now snow will be in the valley which equals cold and wet feet if I keep wearing you.

OOOHHHH flip flops you have been the workhorse of this years summer foot wear. Cute but not so cute as to over shadow my outfit. You were the shoes I wore when I was in a hurry or couldn't decide which other pair of sandal or flip flop to wear.

You helped me show off endless pedicures in every color of the rainbow this summer. I fear this will be our last summer together. You are getting worn and old. But you lasted three years, you were the best cheap shoe investment I ever made. To be honest you were the best cheap shoe investment my "Health Nut Sister" ever made but who knew when I borrowed you 3 years ago that our relationship would last so long.

I bet she doesn't even remember you but I will remember you always.

I will truly miss you flip fl......oh wait what is this hiding in the back of the closet?

Hello boots...I have missed you.

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