Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sometimes A Girl Just Needs To Eat Pizza. Yum.

I don't always write about pizza but when I do its usually funny. Well...the one other post I wrote about pizza was funny. This post is not funny, I am not having a good relationship with pizza.

Don't get me wrong I still LOVE pizza as much as the next girl but it seems we have been eating it A LOT at my house.

It may be criminal and some form of child abuse as often as we have had pizza for dinner. I don't know what happened to me, not that long ago I had a weekly menu full of healthy and good foods for my family and now we get greasy pizza once a week.

I don't mean to speak badly of pizza, like I said I LOVE pizza, but it can't be good that I am at this moment feeding it to my family A LOT.

I think I am feeling guilty. It has to be guilt otherwise why would I think the people at Papa Murphy's would be judging me. Seriously any day know I am going to walk in and they are going to shout "MICHAEL". just like they yelled Norm on Cheers.

I could blame it on being sick during the busiest time at work but that would only explain the last two weeks. I need to think of a different excuse for the three weeks before that...because even when I broke my wrist I cooked more than I have been.

Of course the "pseudo" step-kids are beyond happy that we are having pizza so often. This may have been the best month or so of their life. You should see there little faces when I walk in the pizza and bread sticks. They didn't even get upset when one of the dogs ate all the bread sticks one night...because we have it so often its no longer a treat.

I just need to....I don't know what I need to do.  I wonder what we should have for dinner tonight? Tacos?

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