Sunday, October 27, 2013

Chores for Kids, Yeah or Nah?

Its Sunday so that means I have another list of chores to be accomplishing and instead I am taking a little break to watch football and blog.

I am seriously contemplating tossing today's list and doing it another day. The only problem with that is that I didn't accomplish everything on last Sunday's list so I have that to do and the stuff for this week.

As I look at the list I am wondering what can I pawn off on to the kids.

I am really channeling my evil "pseudo" step-mom today.

I say that jokingly but I am wondering what can they do as daily chores do I can relax a little today?

Does this make my a bad parental unit? Is it wrong? They only spent half of their day here the other part at their moms so what is to much?

I think one choir a night is okay...I don't want them to think they only do work over here but they should help out around the house, right?

Okay all you moms and dads out there, give me your advice. What is to much and what is to little for kids that go back and forth between two homes?

I guess I will get back to my list. As much as I dream of them doing all my chores I am really not an a wicked step-mom.


  1. Seems like at least basics of picking up after themselves, bussing dishes, picking up toys....

  2. I ALWAYS had daily chores and weekly chores. Teach them responsibility!! and Relax at the same time!


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