Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Is That a Pitchfork or Are You Just Happy to See Me

Last week I mentioned I stepped outside my comfort zone and did something very unlike but fails to get pictures of the event. For some crazy reason people keep asking what did I do....

I shoveled manure...compost to be exact. (But from here on out we are calling manure because that is more dramatic).

I know gross.

But I had a very logical reason for shoveling manure.

My Health Nut Sister called to tell me she had a line n some very good compost for her garden and would I like some for my garden...well of course I would like some. So we made a plan to get the compost which entailed me doing nothing. The BF and sister would do all the work but on the day in question my sister and her daughter got a stomach bug.

So that left The BF and I to go get all the manure....a truck and trailer full of manure

First we took it to our house to spread on our little garden. This involved The BF and "pseudo" step-son hauling to the back yard and I "raked" (from here on out we are claiming I had a pitchfork instead of a rake) around the garden. Then we took the manure to my sisters and dumped it into her yard. Okay at this point The BF and the "pseudo" step-son did most of the work but only so many people can fit in the back of a pick up truck.

Now you know what I did that was so mysterious. Sorry if I made it sound much more exciting.

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