Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Moving to Alaska?

My BF told me the other day that he thinks we should move to Alaska. He has apparently lost his mind because I know I am not cut out to live in Alaska.

Nothing against Alaska, its beautiful, wild and amazing (if the commercials are to be believed) and I would love to visit one day (preferably in the summer) but it takes a certain kind of person to live there year round and I am not that person. I did once consider moving to Anchorage after college, I was thinking a new adventure for graduate school but notice I was planning to move to a city and I changed my mind when I read your need a engine/battery (I can't remember which) warmer for your car in the winter...I don't want to live in a world were I need a engine/battery warmer for your car. Like I said it takes a special kind of person to live there...

Putting aside that I can barely tolerate the winters in Utah and that the winters in Alaska are much worse, I am pretty sure he wants to be homesteaders!!! Do I strike you as the type of girl who could homestead?

And whats up with men wanting to live in Alaska, I doubt most of these men who claim they want to live there could in fact live in a cabin in the woods 24/7/365. Because they don't just want to move they want to live there like my ancestors did on the frontier...I guess that is why they call Alaska the Last Frontier.

I see them with their cell phones, central heating and buying the most expensive cut of meat at the grocery store. They enjoy the creature comforts as much as I do and I really really enjoy them. And yet they think can go up to Alaska and carve out a living like our ancestor did or according to some TV shows they still do in Alaska. I doubt most of them would last a full winter.

And if I had to be stuck in a cabin with one person for the whole winter I would give new meaning to cabin fever, homicidal maniac and premenstrual symptoms.

A close friend of mine said that the men we know what to move to Alaska to grow beards, spit and pee outside...I don't know if that is true or not but I do know I love The BF enough to know that would be a bad idea.

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