Thursday, October 17, 2013

Say Yes to Adventure

Until recently I never really got the idea of a bucket list or those 40 before 40 lists. Why do you need a list if you wanted to do something just do it?

Great now I sound like an old Nike commercial.

Even though I get great joy in crossing things off whatever list I have going on that day I never understood the idea of a bucket list. If I wanted to go bungee cord jumping I did, if I wanted to go on a road trip for the weekend I did, if I wanted a new tattoo, I got a tattoo.

Then I got a "pseudo" family and my life changed. My priorities weren't all about me anymore now I had to come home and cook dinner and be all responsible. Plus who has time for adventure anymore between work, family and friends I am pretty busy. Then there are the books I want to read, crafts to start and new skills to learn.

And that is when I understood the bucket list. Its to remind you to have an adventure once in awhile while going through the everyday moments of life. So while you are cooking dinner you can be thinking how will I accomplish the next item on my list. Or remember the fun time you had on your last adventure.

Now what should I put on my list?

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