Sunday, November 24, 2013

Christmas Bookmarks

For years I have been saving scrap pieces of wrapping paper thinking I will one day use it to wrap a little present...and for years I haven't used them. Then I had a brilliant idea on how to use them.

I made Christmas book markers that I will be sending to my online book club, my nieces and nephew and maybe even a coworker or two.

Look how cute. I made 16 in an hour in between yelling watching football. The best part was they were all supplies I had at home, no need to go to the store.

Here is what you will need:
Scrapes of wrapping paper
Card stock paper
Glue stick
Bookmaker you like to trace

Trace your shape on the card stuck and wrapping paper. I stuck with standard rectangle ones to keep it simple and they were the perfect size to slip inside a Christmas card.

Cut out your shapes and then get your glue stick out and go crazy on the card stock....I love a glue sticks and hot glue guns.

Place your card stock on your wrapping paper, if the paper has those handy dandy lines on the back it will help to line everything up for those of us suffering from OCD. Press the paper together firmly.

You can get all creative by punch holes in the book markers and add some cute curling ribbon (which I will be doing for a co-worker) but these ones are being mailed so I kept it simple.

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