Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Things We Do for Love!!!

The BF told me the other night that he want to go camping for a week this summer. At first I ignored him, this is not a conversation I wan to have and maybe if I pretend I didn't hear him he will move on to other topic. No such luck!!! He says it again. I smiled my sexiest smile and asked if he wants to go upstairs. I guess I have used that stalling technique before because his response was a dirty look.
  • ME: That sounds like fun, you and the kids should do that.
  • The BF: Don't you want to go?
  • ME: No not really and I have to work.
  • The BF: You cant take any days off this summer? 
  • ME: Nope.
  • The BF: Your a bad liar.
  • ME: No I'm Not! I am very good at it if its important.
  • The BF: *rolling his eyes* It will be fun.
  • Me: Don't you remember what happened last time you took me camping and that was just over night?
  • The BF: It wasn't that bad.
  • Me: You have apparently blocked it out to do PTSD.
  • The BF: Your crazy!
  • Me: I have been telling you that for 18 months!
When all this was said and done I agreed to go camping for 3days and 2 nights as long as certain conditions are met. I explain those later


  1. Haha!! You sound about as into camping as I do! :) I've been avoiding it for about 9 years now...we'll see how long that lasts! :)

  2. Stopping in from SITS and I camping. We went 'glamping' last summer and it was fun but we also had running hot water, a cabin and electricity! Can't wait to see what the conditions are of you going...!

  3. I love camping, but it has to be in a motorhome. That is about as "roughin'" as I want to get lol


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