Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dumb Stuff I Do or Grace is Not My Middle Name!!!

Honestly I don't know what comes over me sometimes. I seem to think that I have the ability to do anything I want to do. And in some areas of my life that is true if I come up with a crazy idea I can do it. But other areas not so much. In fact its possible I need to have my head examined before making a decision.

Take this weekend. It was the first kid free weekend The BF and I have had in awhile. I was hoping for some romance and quite time The BF had other ideas. He wanted to go mountain biking. Yup that's right after 19 months of dating he thought it would be a good idea to take ME mountain biking.

And maybe this would not be a bad idea if I had been on a bike any time in say the last 21 years but this was not the case. Or maybe it would have been a good idea if hell froze over but its pretty hot around here so I am thinking it didn't.

So after much nagging and begging and I promise I will take you on an easy trail I agreed to go mountain biking...like I said earlier I need to have my head examined before I make some decisions.

I told The BF if I am doing this I need sunblock and bug spray. That was easy he always has those on hand for when he wants to take a day trip to the mountains. Then I said we need a 1st aid kit. This let to an argument a discussion about if we really need a 1st aid kit after impressing upon The BF the importance of being prepared he brings me his idea of a 1st aid kit.

  • "Baby, this is not a 1st aid kit."
  • "Yes it is."
  • "No its not. This is neosporin and band-aids. We need splints and compression bandages because I am going to end up in the ER and we will be miles from the hospital."
  • "Your such a Drama Queen."
  • "Shut-up."
  • "You Shut-up."
  • "No you Shut-up."

I am often amazed at out matured level. Moving on.

After a very pretty and long drive (and by long I mean 35 minutes) we arrived at our destination. After unloading and preparing which included a lot of eye rolling from me, we set off on what was sure to be a disastrous trip.

At first it wasn't so bad I was even able to take a few blurry pictures. I started thinking hey they are right once you learn to ride a bike you never forgot. But then the terrain got bumpier and steeper. So I put the camera away and started focusing on the ride when disaster strikes.

I don't know what happened, its one of those weird mysteries of my life (like how did I get tomato soup on the ceiling fan or how did my car get wrecked parked in front of my house) but I fell of the bike. I would like to say this was a surprise, after all I am very graceful and never lose my footing. But fall I did. And not just a little fall NOOOO!!! I am sure you heard the crash from miles away.

I look down and I can see my knee is already bruising and swelling up. I bravely get back on the death trap of a bike and ride it back to the truck. The BF catches up to me and asks are you ok. I just look at him and explain that I am done mountain biking. I am never getting on that bike again. And patiently wait for him to unlock the truck so I can sit in the cab of the truck.

On our way home he says, "You need to practice on the bike on sidewalks and the road so I can get use to the bike then we can go riding again."

After counting to 10 several times I said, "Sweetie what part of I am never getting on that bike again didn't you understand."

Its apparent we are going to have to break up!!!


  1. You poor girl. Where do the men in our lives come up with these ideas? I think it might be a ploy to kill us off early but I could be wrong. I hope your knee gets better. As payback, you should make him learn to knit. That will teach him.

    PS..the tomato soup on the ceiling could be my fault. I tend to throw food at Mr. Husband, (we too, are mature adults, obviously)

  2. Oh man! That looks painful.

    I give you an A+ for effort, though!

  3. It's only painful if something touches it like my clothes.

  4. My husband and I went bicycling on a bicycle made for 2 a long time ago - we were in Holland, and we made it around the block once before trading it in for 2 separate bikes. Now, Holland, all that flat land with bicycle paths EVERYWHERE - that is an awesome place to bicycle!

    Hope your bruise is better!!Stopping by from SITS:)

  5. YOUCH!! I am so grateful to read... that I am not the only person whose middle name isn't Grace.

    Glad to have met you via #commenthour tonight!!

  6. Ouch! I think he should be really, really nice to you.... :) Stopping by from #commenthour

  7. OMG what a nasty bruise! My hubby does things like this - the Y chromosome must be missing part of a brain...hmm...if I don't like it...and u make me do it...and it's disastrous..>WHY would you think I'd do it again?

    Crazy I tell you.

    Make him buy you ice cream so that you can heal properly.

  8. Ouch! Maybe this is one of those hobbies you DON'T share with each other?

  9. ouch, this looks really painful! I hope you're feeling better!

  10. lol this is so funny!!! bruises make you look tough :o) hope next time is better. ;)

  11. Ouch !! Take it easy !! Pretty blog :)

  12. It's actually good that you got a boo-boo otherwise you wouldn't be able to say, "I TOLD YOU SO".

  13. Ouch! Looks like the bruise I got when I fell ice skating.

  14. Ooooohhh, totally have to grab that "I've been featured" button too!

  15. I'm having a heck of a time finding your follow button. Can I subscribe through RSS?

  16. I think we must be the same person, in two bodies, I too am totally a mess like that. I once got heat stroke while taking a hike in a creek. yup, cold water, lol. Stopping by from #commenthour. Love your blog and following it now. If you want to check out my blog it is http://www.the3rls.blogspot.com

  17. The image of the bruise looks like it was taken by an amateur. You should fire the photographer!

  18. http://camille-nikole.blogspot.com/2011/07/versatile-blogger-award.html

    I really like reading your blog; I click on all the links you post on your twitter and I think you're funny. So here- you get an award. Yaaaaaaay! :)

  19. I agree with Wesley! hehehe! Bruce took me biking once about 8 years ago. We haven't gone since. I didn't fall off but i was very pathetic.

  20. Aww poor thing! I had a similar experience on a bike after not being on one for 15 years. Needless to say, I'm not getting back on the proverbial horse! Stopping by super late for Comment Hour, but I made it!

  21. ROFL; this reminds me of one of the benefits of my divorce--no more forced bike-riding! I still have the bike....somewhere in the back of the garage....I think...

  22. I can sooo relate! My husband is a biker and he once convinced me to join him on a ride. Mind you this was my first time on a bike since I was maybe 14 years old. I don't understand how this is fun for so people. I struggled up and down hills with tears down my face. My groin area was so bruised I couldn't sit for days. Never again!

  23. You are so funny! I really enjoy reading your blog. It always put a smile on my face!
    Even though this post is about a disastrous day, you make it funny.
    Hope you are feeling better and I also hope that your BF never invites you again for mountain biking!

  24. Are you sure we aren't related? I can fall tying my shoes. Hope you heal quickly and that BF treats you to a foot massage.


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