Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'm Not Going to Apologize

I normally don't have issues with apologizing if I know I am wrong. If I am wrong I am wrong.  Sometimes something I have done now will not have possible consequences for years. Since I am unsure that it will turn out bad I don't feel the need to apologize even when I am pretty sure its not going to end well.

I have had one of those occasions recently. I was driving around with the "pseudo" step-daughter who was being a bit of a brat and complaining that their was nothing to do in my car. So I gave her a fashion magazine and told her to look at it. The only thing I heard from her for the next 30 minutes was "OOOHHHH that's pretty," or "I like that."

I was shocked and amazed because when that little one is grumpy she is REALLY grumpy. When we reached our destination she was sad that she couldn't finish reading the magazine. So I gave her a book marker (please don't ask why I had a book marker in my car...I just did) and told her next time we are in the car you can finish looking at it. Last Friday I was driving around with both "pseudo"step-kids and she immediately grabbed the magazine and said, "Is this my place?"

Based on past experience I am pretty sure I should apologize to The BF and Ex-wife/Friend but to be honest I am not sorry and I have hope that this wont be an issue in the future....of course she has already asked when my new magazine will come.

I also should apologize to the lady I flipped off this morning on my commute (and my mom I did promise I would stop doing that). She cut me off and caused me to slam on my brakes and I almost got rear ended by the car behind me. But I am so not sorry I did that.


  1. Ha apologizing makes YOU the better person. Not the silly people who cut us off. They need to be the ones apologizing
    Lovely Little Rants

  2. Fashion isn't necessarily bad. If it's something she ends up having a passion for, that's kind of cool. But talks about self-esteem and perhaps talks about how fashion can leave some people out entirely might be nice. If she can grow up properly critiquing it, I say that's a win!

  3. I'm with Heather. Fashion doesn't have to be bad as long as it's balanced with positive self-image. And people who cut us off are generally just jerks.

    Stopping by from SITS

  4. We are luck that little Miss. Thing knows she is loved and knows she is smart. Well at least she is always telling me these things.

    I also think its fun to watch kids develop their own style. She is a girly girl and her mom claims she is grateful I am around to help her with that because mom is not a girly girl.


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