Wednesday, January 11, 2012

And the Sex Gets...

My mom hates when I blog about sex but since a lot of what I write about is my relationship with The BF and sex is part of that relationship periodically I feel the need to express a thought or feeling about sex.

Sorry mom!

I need to share a little about my past that I may or may not have expressed before...I am not very good at relationship. I am getting better but in the past I was horrible. Really horrible at them. In fact this is the longest relationship I have ever been in.

Yup that right 2 years is my record.

Until The BF my longest relationship was 6 months!!!!!

I know you are very impressed with my ability to maintain lasting relationships.

To be honest when the going got tough, I got up and went. I had/have issues.

But now look at me 2 years and we are still together. I dont know if thats becaue I have matured or The BF really likes me.

So I was surprised to discover that the sex gets better as you progress in your relationships.

Is it because you are more in-tune with your partners needs or learn what makes them excited.

To be honest I really don't care why and I wish someone had told me before about this I may have stuck around in those other relationships longer.

Probably not like I said I had/have issues.

And the Sex Is...
And the Sex Was...
And the Sex Will...


  1. LoL it is probably because you get to know your partner more and your partner gets to know you more. I've only been with my hubby so it's hard for me to say.

  2. I'm glad to hear sex gets better as a relationship grows. I'll remember that in my next relationship. I was married for 6 years and it wasn't that great. I found I did waaay too much of the work. Of course, finding out that my husband was homosexual helped explain why. Sorry, was that TMI? Ah well, we live and learn, right? Yeah we do! :)


    1. I like TMI....I always TMI. At least my mom says I do.

  3. Dear Michael,

    I made a mistake and put my email instead of my name. Please delete the previous comment so that my email is taken off. Thank you.

    My original comment:

    I think it varies with every relationship but I believe the more you know yourself and what you enjoy, have a loving and willing partner, the sky is the limit to how good it can be.


  4. With both of my long-term boyfriends the sex definitely got better with time. You learn each other's quirks in bed, like and dislikes, how the other's body can move (and can move), what they like to hear, etc.

  5. Thanks for sharing this hidden benefit of staying committed.


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