Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How Do I love Thee..Let me Count the Ways.

Recently The BF and I have been going through a difficult patch. And I am not good at the difficult stuff....I am really bad at it. I may have mentioned in the past my motto is when the going gets tough its time to leave.

But I don't want to leave so we are working through our issues and it hasn't been easy these last few days and just when I was in a dark dark dark place someone asked me how I meet The BF and about our first date.

At that moment I remembered all the happy moments that make this moment seem like a little blip on the radar.

I didn't fall in love on the first date, I am not that girl but the first date easily got him a second date and third and so forth.

So as we are working through our issues to push forward I am going to try and keep the things he did (and still does) front and center in my mind.

  1. Held the car door open for me.
  2. Took me to the book store after dinner but before the movie.
  3. Held my coat while I browsed through the racks at the book store.
  4. He also held my coffee while I bought books at the book store.
  5. During the movie when I ran out of soda he went and go me more missing part of the movie (he had already seen it but I didn't know that).
  6. Held on to me while walking across an icy parking lot.
He really is a good guy even if I sometimes want to bang my head against a wall.

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  1. I think this is really smart and a good strategy. I think a lot of people walk away very quickly. Every relationship has ups and downs. I think keeping your partners positive attributes in the front of your mind can help keep the downs from being too low. I hope your rough patch ends quickly.


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