Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fire + Me = Bad

Its no surprise to anyone that I am not graceful and that the most dangerous place for me is the kitchen. I often have burns and cuts and in need of a constant supply of first aid. So I am not sure why I was surprised that I gave myself a 1st degree burn on my stomach while cooking a turkey.

Yup, that's right I burned my stomach. Even though I was there and know what happened I am still confused by the whole thing.

On Sunday I decided to cook a turkey for dinner. I thought I was being very clever....cook a turkey for dinner then freeze the rest of the meat and pull it out for a quick casserole dinner over the next few weeks. See clever.

I wasn't doing anything fancy with the turkey; I didn't stuff it, I didn't brine it, I just rinsed it off and threw it in the oven.  Okay I add some chicken broth and rosemary and basil but beyond that I really did NOTHING...I really am lazy in the kitchen.

Now for some reason I can not explain I always cook my turkeys breast side down...I am pretty sure I read somewhere that cooking a turkey this way will keep the breast meat from drying out. But what ever my reason about 30 minutes before it was suppose to be done I decided I wanted to turn the turkey breast side up to brown up the turkey.

So I carefully remove the turkey from the oven and placed it on my stove. I them got two forks to gently flip the turkey...unfortunately one of the forks slipped causing the turkey to fall and splashed in what I am guessing was 325 degree turkey juice. This really hot turkey juice then splashed on me and all over my stove.

I screamed, which caused The BF to run to the kitchen and ask "What happened?"

I tell him I burned myself, he looked at as I am standing weirdly in the kitchen pulling my clothes away from me and asks, "Where?" So I lifted up my shirt and look at my stomach which is red and painful.

I ask The BF to turn the turkey and calmly change my shirt. When I come back he has the kitchen all cleaned up the kitchen so I grabbed the ice pack and sat down on the couch.

The rest of the evening I was dazed and in pain. I was so out of it that as we were dishing up dinner The "pseudo" step-daughter informed me I forgot to take a picture of dinner and offered to not eat any bites on her plate until I took a picture. She can be very sweet, I told her go ahead and eat I wasn't going to blog about tonight's dinner...I guess I should have taken the picture.

The next morning I look at my stomach and realized that my burn looks like an abstract painting of a life is really to odd for words.

The burn isn't all bad except one part in the middle that was slightly raised but not blistered. So I guess that means I will survive to cook again.

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  1. I always flip my turkey! So sorry you got burned :( Stopping by from SITS!


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