Friday, August 3, 2012

No More Ms. Nice Girl

I am not having the best week.

Besides being very bust at work, its been a week full of annoyances.

This has made me irritable.

Which in turn has made me frustrated. I hate being cranky.

In an attempted to move forward and enjoy my weekend, I am going to get some of things bothering out of my head and into yours.

I am sorry in advance.

  1. DO NOT SAY WHATEVER:  Whatever is rude. Its says I don't care about you or your comments. It says that you are beneath any real thought in my life and I cant be bothered to even say anything else.  Especially don't say whatever when I congratulate you on 15 years of marriage. That is a horrible response to my sincere comment. The correct response to that is Thank you. Don't say it when I am having a really scary moment and you are annoyed I cant help you with something. The correct response is Okay I understand keep me up dated. 
  2. DON'T EXPECT ME TO INVEST IN YOU WHEN YOU DON'T INVEST IN ME: I have a life that is full of demands on my time, Work Family and Friends, and I love my life. I wouldn't change it at all. I like it. But if you are on the fringe of my life, by your choice, and then out of the blue want my support don't be surprised when it is limited. I have limited resources and time I will devote it to those that contribute to me. You can have what is left over but it won't be much.
  3. PUSHING MY BUTTONS WILL CAUSE ME TO REACT, WHY ARE YOU SURPRISED? You were doing something annoying and interfered with what I was doing. I politely ask you to stop. You choose not to stop. I ask you to stop again. And again you choose to keep doing what you are doing. So when I get frustrated and yell stop I am not the only bad guy!!! Yes I could have responded better but why do you push the button. You know I will get upset.
Now that I have got that off my chest please have a great weekend...I plan to myself.

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