Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I Write Like WHO?

A long time ago I wrote a blog about my sisters making me cry like only sisters can. In an attempt to cheer me up (I think) one of my brothers (The Geeky One) posted this comment.

The Geeky One 
Just thought I would let you know when I post this post into http://iwl.me it said you write like Stephen King

When I read the comment I did smile. I do enjoy Stephen King books and it was a rough rough day.

Periodically when I am having a day like that I will randomly pick a post or some other random ramblings and just to see who I am writing like that day. Some weeks I am a little obsessed with it. 

It often changes from day to day. I am not sure if it my mood or that I have multiple personality disorder. Or if the site cant really tell who my ramblings most resemble. 

I have debated if I should share some posts and the different authors...that just seems like I am begging, "Please read my post". Then thought of course I want you to read my posts. So here goes:
I am not sure how they analyse the writing and determine the answer but its lots of fun to do...just go to I Write Like.

Have you tried this site?

Who do you write like? 

Did you like the answer?


  1. Didn't know this site, it's quite fun indeed!
    I used the post of one of my dreams:
    and it told me I write like Dan Brown!

  2. What's up with all the bad credit loan people trying to get you to go to their blogs by using flattery. ;) It's funny cuz, I always think you sound just like Michael. But, if you need someone to set your career next to -- Stephen King better WATCH OUT!! :)

    1. Its a new thing that has been happening I have been trying to delete them but I miss a few once in awhile. You think I sound like Michael because you have know for a few years.


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