Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

Before I say hello to the new year I thought it would be fun to review some of the most memorable memories of 2013.

According to Facebook:
  1. Going to see Les Miserables with friends: it was for The Ex-Wive/Friend's b-day, she cried like a baby.
  2. Making the following family rule that we don't always follow but we try: I made a new family rule, from the time I get home from work until after dinner no tv no computer and no cell phones. Everyone seemed to handle it well except me....I was freaking out that I couldn't check my phone.
  3. Celebrating my puppies 10th birthday. 
  4. This status: Tonight I had strawberry shortcake for was my mothers day gift to myself
  5. Admitting I graduate high school 20 years ago.
  6. The loss of a dear friend.
  7. My 38th birthday and the 38 cupcakes my sister made me. 
  8. Candy making with the family.
  9. My Engagement. 
And the most popular post from 2013:

  1. I Am a Lazy Cook Part 2...Or More Freezer Meals.
  2. Casserole Freezer Meals ...The Not So Lazy Freezer Meals
  3. He Put a Ring On It
  4. Stocking, Garters and Corsets...Oh My
  5. Christmas Bookmarkers
My favorite moment was The Fiancee's (then The BF's) surprise proposal. Can I say I am still in shock about it.

Okay on to 2014.

I don't like resolutions but I love setting goals and I only have one big one for the new year. I want to learn to sew...yup I am shocking everyone by becoming more and more domestic.I just want to make a nice simple quilt for The BF The Fiancee and I.  Do you think I can do that in 365 days?

What are your favorite memories form 2013?

What are your 2014 goals?

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