Sunday, December 15, 2013

He Put A Ring On It - My Engagement Story

If you follow me on Facebook than you know that The BF completely surprised me by proposing over the weekend and I said yes (like I was going to say anything else). Since I share all my other stories with you: how we met, our weird conversations, our "disagreements', the time line of our courtship...I guess I should share our engagement story also.

When I say completely surprise me, I am not kidding. I had no idea it was coming...that doesn't mean I haven't dropped hints or told him this is how you should do it and this is the ring I want. You know the normal stuff but I didn't think it would be this weekend or this year or even this decade.

Its not easy to surprise me, mostly because I am a great big control freak and I plan out a lot of our lives. I even tell him what to get me as gifts for my birthday and Christmas. He has learned to stick to the list. Its never good to deviate from the list or what I have planned.

To be honest I hate surprises...I hate them so much I once planned my own surprise party. I am not kidding. So you can see what a feat it is to catch me unaware but that is exactly what The BF did yesterday morning.

The day started innocent enough...we had a lot of things happening. The BF had to work early, then a family party at my mom's and then later a family party at The BF's family. Lots to do and we were on a schedule (did I mention I like planning everything).

After The BF returned from work he jumped in the shower and I was putting my makeup on while sitting on our bed watching a rerun of The Pioneer Women's cooking show on Food Network (I love her show, blog and books). Just as The Pioneer Women starts sharing her wisdom on keeping the romance alive in your relationship, The BF walks over to me partially dressed and starts kissing me and telling me that he loves me.

I thought he was being silly after all romance was the topic on TV. I kissed him back asserted my return affection but told him we need to get moving. When out of the blue he drops down on one knee next to the bed.

Then he opens his hand, he was holding a ring, places his hand on the bed and asks me to marry him.

I was stunned, shocked and in disbelieve.  I asked are serious and he smiled and said yes. I asked like really serious, change your Facebook status tell everyone serious. He said yes...and so I said yes. Like I said I was shocked and completely caught off guard. Luckily I had just painted my nails....even if I had painted them black.

He says he has been thinking about how to ask me for month and just decided to do it....he does keep me on my toes.

And that is how I got engaged while watching The Pioneer Women, with no makeup on and The BF was not fully dressed...I guess I need to start calling him The Fiancee from this day forward...until The day I get to call him The Husband anyway.

Now I need to answer the question, do I want to be a Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter bride?

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